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Job Record #15664
Title3 PhD - Heterogeneous Comp. & Machine Learning & Quantum Comp.
CategoryPhD Studentship
EmployerOklahoma State University - Stillwater
LocationUnited States, Oklahoma, Stllwater
InternationalYes, international applications are welcome
Closure DateTuesday, December 31, 2019
We are in search of three motivated PhD students to join our group (Fall 2019 
admission). Application due date is April 15 (our application portal will be open). 
RA/TA funding (plus standard tuition waiver and other benefits) will be available. 

Position 1: Developing new algorithms and numerical methods for solving 
partial differential equations (mostly related to fluid dynamics) which can be 
scaled to exascale using heterogeneous computing environments. 

Plus skills for this position
++ Numerical linear algebra
++ Continuum mechanics
++ MPI/OpenMP knowledge
++ Fortran/C/Julia
++ MS with relevant subject in engineering/physics/math/CS 

Position 2: Developing machine learning enabled systems and technologies for 
solving partial differential equations in nonlinear multiscale systems (mostly 
related to turbulence modeling). 

Plus skills for this position
++ Fluid dynamics/turbulence modeling
++ Optimization 
++ Python/Julia
++ Data science (tensorflow/keras, neural networks)
++ MS with relevant subject in engineering/physics/math/CS 

Position 3: Developing algorithms for the next generation quantum computing platforms (mostly 
related to quasi-stationary turbulent flows, uncertainty quantification, predictibility). 

Plus skills for this position
++ Fluid dynamics/turbulence modeling
++ MPI and Fortran/C/Python/Julia
++ Basics of quantum information theory
++ Statistical mechanics, probability theory, and neural computations
++ MS with relevant subject in engineering/physics/math/CS

CFDLab: We are developing advanced computational methods for nonlinear 
dynamical systems driven by multiscale and multiphysics processes. The systems 
studied in our lab range from engineering flow problems to geophysical flow 
problems with different levels of complexities. There is an emphasis on 
modeling and analysis of geophysical turbulent flows across a variety  of 
spatial and temporal scales. Our current efforts are centered in the 
development of hybrid approaches in LES and ROM frameworks. We are working on 
both functional or structural closure modeling ideas to take into account 
subgrid-scale effects. More information about our research activities 
can be found 

Application: Students must first be admitted into the School of Mechanical and 
Aerospace Engineering (MAE)'s PhD degree program. Information on MAE graduate 
program admissions can be found below. We will only consider official 
applications via our Graduate College. If you are interested in applying our 
program, feel free to mention in your application letter that you 
would like to join CFDLab. You can choose thermal-fluids option in our 
application portal.

If interested, please send an email to me to learn more about our rearch activities.
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NameOmer San
Email ApplicationNo
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Last Modified06:16:13, Wednesday, March 13, 2019

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