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Job Record #15699
TitleSenior Research & Development Engineer for Multi-Physics & CFD
CategoryJob in Industry
EmployerESI US R&D, Inc. (or ESI Group)
LocationIndia, Pune
InternationalYes, international applications are welcome
Closure DateTuesday, December 31, 2019
ESI Group, a dynamic and diversified global company specializing in the
development and application of CAE solutions for virtual manufacturing and
virtual prototyping, seeks an expert developer in multi-physics and CFD modeling
at its Continuum Mechanics Development Units in Pune or Bengaluru, India.

The expert will play a major role in the development, extension, and maintenance
of our flagship multi-physics solver. Additional secondary roles and
responsibilities for the position may include the following, depending on need:

1.	Participation in the long-term development decisions of all aspects of the
solver that relate to its physical modeling capabilities, including those for
single- and multi-phase flow, turbulence, heat-transfer, radiation, chemical
reaction,  spray, electromagnetics, and structural-dynamics, including decisions
relating to the selection and pursuit of future technologies, models, technical
approaches, and application areas. Future technologies of greatest interest
include the use of Reduced Order Models, efficient sensitivity evaluation within
optimization loops, and novel coupling techniques for multi-physics problems.

2.	Involvement in all phases of the development of new and existing CFD and
other physics modules in our flagship multi-physics solver, including the
gathering of market-driven and technical requirements, planning, design,
implementation, testing, support, quality assurance, extension, maintenance, and

3.	Extension, improvement, re-factoring, and re-implementation of existing 
capabilities across the entire spectrum of models and transport equations in the
solver, and implementation of new capabilities, models, and algorithms to
reflect the latest developments and research in the field.

4.	Guiding and mentoring more junior development engineers in our Solver Group
in their related implementation and development work.

5.	Advising and guiding Application Engineers working on multi-physics projects
and applications.

6.	Occasional participation in the preparation of proposals and reports
involving research and development or project work.

7.	Occasional provision of insight, guidance, or advice to the sales and
marketing teams of our flagship multi-physics solver.

The preferred academic qualifications, expertise, and experience for the
position are as follows:

•	A Doctoral Degree in a relevant scientific or engineering field with 4 or more
years of directly-relevant development experience, or a Masters Degree in a
relevant scientific or engineering field with 8 or more years of
directly-relevant development experience.

•	Demonstrable expertise and experience in transport phenomena and in the
derivation and implementation of models for transport equations and the other
governing equations that are typically used in multi-physics and CFD solvers.
•	Extensive expertise in one or more areas of CFD or multi-physics modeling,
including fluid-dynamics, heat-transfer, chemical reaction, radiation, or
multi-phase flow modeling.

•	Extensive expertise in discretization techniques and numerical methods as they
apply generally to the solution of the Partial Differential Equations
encountered with transport and related physical phenomena, and especially
techniques based on the Finite-Volume method for unstructured grids.

•	Expertise in the architecture, design, and implementation of software for
computational modeling or computational physics solvers, including some direct
implementation experience with Fortran 90/95, C, or C++. This expertise should
include a sound understanding of the entire software lifecycle, all the way from
the gathering of the requirements, to implementation and testing, to
documentation and support, and the practices of rigorous software development,
verification, and maintenance.

•	Demonstrable knowledge in the development of robust, verified, high-quality
software for computational physics or computational modeling.

•	Knowledge of parallel and multi-threaded code implementation and processing
for scientific computing.

The successful candidate will work as a member of the Solver Group, with other
engineers developing various modules of our flagship multi-physics solver, in a
stimulating, collaborative work environment, with opportunities for learning,
growth, and diversification of expertise and knowledge. The position will appeal
greatly to candidates who are fascinated by computational physics in general and
whose prime career objective at present is to widen and deepen their expertise
in the subject and in the way it is implemented in codes to solve challenging
and important industrial problems. ESI Group is an equal opportunity employer.

To apply for the position, please send your resume and any other documentation
to the following e-mail address:

Contact Information:
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NameJennifer Diener
Email ApplicationYes
Record Data:
Last Modified19:42:07, Wednesday, February 27, 2019

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