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Job Record #16993
TitlePostdoc in Detached Eddy Simulations and aeroacoustic analysis
CategoryPostDoc Position
EmployerChalmers University of Techology
LocationSweden, Gothenburg
InternationalYes, international applications are welcome
Closure DateWednesday, March 31, 2021

Aircraft noise, at take-off and landing, comes from the combination of (i) engine noise which, for modern turbofans, is generated by the fan and the jet, and (ii) airframe noise, which is mostly generated by LGs (Landing-gears) and HLDs (High-lift devices); the noise from HLDs consists of noise from leading edge slats and the trailing edge flaps, which are deployed at low speeds to increase lift. While engine noise remains dominant during take-off, airframe noise becomes a significant contributor during approach and landing, where engines are operated at low regime, especially for the most recent aircraft equipped with last generation turbofans. Therefore, mitigating airframe noise is of primary interest, even on modern aircraft and future aircraft designs.

However, due to strong integration constraints (among which weight is not the least) imposed by other disciplines than acoustics, the development and implementation of noise-reduction technologies (NRTs) on airframe components such as LGs and HLDs has been limited. The limited advancement in implementing NTRs is also due to the complex flow physics and our limited knowledge of the airframe noise generation mechanisms. Considering the complexity of the involved mechanisms, the challenge is to design low-noise airframe components based on multi-disciplinary criteria, acoustics being part of the performance criteria in conjunction with other significant aspects of flight physics.

The project

The postdoc work forms a part of an EU H2020 project addressing aircraft noise reduction with particular focus on airframe noise mitigation by means of innovative designs and noise-control technologies. Dedicated effort is required to achieve noise reduction based on CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and CAA (Computational Aero-acoustics).

For the LG configuration, numerical simulation and modelling will be carried out to explore LG noise reduction with a perforated fairing. The planned activity is a continuation and refinement of previous effort, e.g., in the recent IMAGE project, for LG noise manipulation using wiremesh/fairing. The research will be carried out in close collaboration with other project partners. Instead of resolving the detailed flow past the fairing (mesh screen), a numerical model will be used, which will be verified against experimental data. This part of work aims at enabling efficient and reasonable CFD/CAA analysis, particularly, for the aero-acoustic assessment of whole-body aircraft configuration using high-fidelity hybrid RANS-LES methods together with acoustic analogy. For the HLD configuration, CFD/CAA analysis will be conducted on noise generation and propagation of a low-noise configuration with Krueger slat.

The numerical tools are STAR-CCM+, and/or the in-house M-Edge CFD solver together with in-house CAA tools (both are programmed in Fortran). Experience of using either of the above software, as well as Python/Matlab and Fortran are favored. The applicant must have good ability in reporting and disseminating his/her research results in English.

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NameLars Davidson
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Last Modified08:43:58, Wednesday, February 24, 2021

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