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Job Record #17224
TitlePostdoc on Modelization of Particle and Aerosols Deposition
CategoryPostDoc Position
EmployerUniversity Rovira i Virgili
LocationSpain, Tarragona
InternationalYes, international applications are welcome
Closure DateFriday, September 10, 2021
The Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University Rovira i Virgili 
of Tarragona is looking for an outstanding and committed candidate for 
Postdoc studies in the field of computational and experimental fluid 


PROJECT DESCRIPTION: This project is focused on the analysis of the physical 
processes associated with the dispersion and deposition of particles and 
aerosols. These phenomena are key for our health, our environment and our 
heritage, as well as at technological and industrial level, in the 
dispersion of pathogens, pollutants, in atmospheric flows or in multiple 
applications (such as sprays). The objectives of this project are centered 
on two fronts. Firstly, we will study, from the physical point of view, the 
processes of emission, dispersion and possible inhalation of aerosols with a 
pathogenic load produced in intense and violent respiratory events, to 
reduce the risk of transmission of viral diseases. Second, we will analyze 
the dispersion and deposition of particles transported by turbulent flows in 
enclosed spaces. In both cases, advanced numerical and experimental tools 
will be used to unveil the relevant physical processes.

Fabregat A., Gisbert F., Vernet A., Ferré J. A., Mittal K., Dutta S., 
Pallares J. (2021) Direct numerical simulation of turbulent dispersion of 
evaporative aerosol clouds produced by an intense expiratory event. Physics 
of Fluids, 33, 033329, DOI: 10.1063/5.0045416

Fabregat A., Gisbert F., Vernet A., Dutta S., Mittal K., Pallares J. (2021) 
Direct numerical simulation of the turbulent flow generated by a violent 
expiratory event, Physics of Fluids, 33, 035122, DOI: 10.1063/5.0042086

Pallares J. Fabregat A. (2021) Prediction of particle deposition on the 
walls of a cubical cavity with differentially heated opposed walls using 
heat and mass transfer laminar mixed convection boundary layer models, 
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 165, 120691, DOI: 

This position is financed by Spanish University System  Requalification  
Program for 2021-2023 (Maria Zambrano Call). The selected candidate(s) will 
be submitted to the call, where an evaluation committee will evaluate all 
applications submitted. Applications will be assigned a score between 0 and 
100 points in accordance with the following criteria:
a) The candidate’s abridged curriculum vitae: up to 50 points
b) Scientific and technical background of the host group: up to 30 points
c) Supporting documentation: up to 20 points
Applicants must achieve a minimum score of 80 points to pass the evaluation. 

a) At least two years must have elapsed between the date on which the 
doctoral degree was earned and the closing date for the submission of 
b) A cumulative postdoctoral career of not less than twenty-four months at a 
Spanish university or research centre outside Spain, other than the defence 
of the doctoral thesis.
c) Must  be  working  as  a  member  of  the  teaching  or  research  staff  
at  a  university,  research  centre  or  organisation  located  outside 
Spain and must reside in the country where the university or research centre 
is located.
d) Must  be  involved  in  a  research  project  and/or teaching at a 
university, research centre or organisation located outside Spain.The 
selected candidates will be invited to 

The  grants  are  awarded  for  two-year  terms  to  be  completed  on  a  
continuous  basis  between 1 January 2022 and 31 December 2024. 
The annual amount of compensation  payable  to  the  recipients is €36,199 
gross per year. 
An additional sum not to exceed €3,500 will be awarded to cover the grant 
recipient’s relocation and insurance expenses.
All  beneficiaries  must  have  accident  insurance,  the  cost  of  which  
can  be  charged  to  the  additional sum for relocation expenses. With 
regard to health care, the beneficiaries will be included in the General 
Social Security Scheme.
APPLICATION PROCESS: If you're interested in this position, please send us 
your CV to the email

DEADLINE: September 10th, 2021

Contact Information:
Please mention the CFD Jobs Database, record #17224 when responding to this ad.
NameLluis Vazquez
Email ApplicationYes
AddressDEM - ETSEQ - URV
Av. Països Catalans, 26
43007 Tarragona Spain
Record Data:
Last Modified08:12:03, Thursday, July 08, 2021

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