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Job Record #18029
TitleDNS of boil-off in cryogenics tanks subject to sloshing
CategoryPostDoc Position
EmployerCNRS UMR6614-CORIA
LocationFrance, Normandy, Rouen
InternationalYes, international applications are welcome
Closure Date* None *
Direct Numerical Simulation of boil-off in cryogenics tanks subject to sloshing

LH2 is stored at T= 20 K in super insulated tanks to greatly reduce its heating during transportation.
However, even in this scenario, vaporization of the hydrogen occurs inside
 the tank due to the unavoidable heat flux coming from the reservoir wall. 
The vaporization/boiling induces an increase of the internal reservoir pressure 
and temperature variations inside the storage vessel. Since the tank is not 
designed to hold high pressure, hydrogen vapor is allowed to escape through a 
relief valve, which is sometimes referred to as a “boil-off” valve. In the 
literature, the boil off phenomena is considered as one of the most severe 
drawbacks of this energy  along with the production cost.

An experimental campaign is currently going on at CORIA on a small scale 
cryogenic tank in the Carnot project CRYOBALL to better understand and 
characterize the boil off phenomena during transportation. This experimental 
work is then completed by a numerical study on the same configuration, which the 
topic of this job offer.

The in-house two-phase DNS code ARCHER, well-known in the literature with more 
than 100 publications or conferences published, will be used to simulate this 
configuration involving turbulent compressible two-phase flows with phase 
change. This work will use the numerical method described in Martinez et al. 

A parametric study to better understand and characterize the boil off occurrence 
and magnitude will be performed. First, an isothermal configuration used to 
identify the sloshing regime will be investigated. Then phase change will be 
added in the configuration, allowing the estimation of the boil off rate and  
the pressure temporal evolution.

Gross salary is estimated between 2600 and 2900€/month, depending on the 
applicant previous experiences.
The contract is expected to start the 1st of January 2023 for a one year duration (extension possible).
This work is in collaboration with the CNES (Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales).

The applicant should justify a PhD in fluids mechanics and illustrate a previous 
experience in academia in energy, fluids mechanics and/or numerical simulation. 
Knowledge of FORTRAN and/or Python will be particularly appreciated.

Please send a single PDF file with a complete CV, certificates and grade 
 of your PhD and Master degree.

References :

L. Germes Martinez, B. Duret, J. Reveillon, F.X. Demoulin, A new DNS formalism dedicated to turbulent two-phase flows with phase change, International Journal of Multiphase Flow, Volume 143, 2021, 103762.
Contact Information:
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NameB. Duret
Email ApplicationYes
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Last Modified09:37:17, Friday, September 23, 2022

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