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Job Record #18225
TitlePostdoc in modeling and optimization of a NOX removal process
CategoryJob in Academia
EmployerLRGP, CNRS-ENSIC, Université de Lorraine
LocationFrance, Nancy
InternationalYes, international applications are welcome
Closure DateMonday, May 01, 2023
Title :Modeling, experimentation and optimization of a NOX removal process

Abstract :The objective of the project is to develop first-principles models to accurately predict the temporal profile of NOX concentration at the outlet of a fixed bed column packed with an adsorbent based on MOF and zeolites. These models will inevitably involve unknown parameters which will be determined from experimental measurements which will be carried out by our industrial partner. The overall estimability analysis of these parameters will be performed before their identification and characterization of their accuracy. The model thus identified will then be validated using additional measurements, and used to optimize the sizing and operation of the column.

Skills required : PhD in CFD or in Chemical Engineering with good skills in CFD.
Knowledge and practice of Comsol Multiphhysics software is highly appreciated.
Contact Information:
Please mention the CFD Jobs Database, record #18225 when responding to this ad.
NameAbderrazak LATIFI
Email ApplicationYes
AddressLRGP, CNRS-ENSIC, Université de Lorraine
1 rue Grandville
54000, Nancy, France
Record Data:
Last Modified12:58:12, Monday, January 09, 2023

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