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Developed, marketed and supported by Cambridge Flow Solutions Ltd (, BOXERMesh is an advanced, highly automated, unstructured mesher with robust CAD import, that delivers quality multi-million cell meshes in minutes, on geometries of arbitrary complexity and size. Designed to overcome the traditional bottlenecks constraining engineering simulations, it is implemented as scalable, fully parallelised software, based on innovative algorithms adapted from the computer graphics industry. The result is a meshing software of exceptional performance, offering a step improvement in complex CAE simulation capability and productivity. Key benefits include an interactive GUI, the ability to run the software automatically through scripting and templating, and the assurance of a high-quality, ready-to-run mesh.


Mesh Types

BOXERMesh is an advanced Octree mesher that generates hybrid, HEX dominant, unstructured meshes. These can be readily converted to TET only meshes, as required.

CAD Formats

BOXERMesh offers direct import of a wide range of native CAD files, without requiring CAD licenses. This provides access to CAD attributes such as face names, CAD layers etc., which can be accessed directly and automatically. The GUI can be used to label and classify "primary" geometry formats such as STL.


A high-level object-oriented scripted language allows BOXERMesh to be run in batch, or as part of an automated optimisation process. Scripts are readily generated either through the GUI or manually through editing. BOXERMesh is ideally suited to be part of an integrated simulation workflow.

Further information

On BOXERMesh can be found at: [1]

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