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If you have written internal reports or other CFD related documents that are free from copyrights then please consider donating them to the CFD-Wiki. We have many enthusiastic CFD-Wikians who would be happy to help you re-work your documents into one or several Wiki articles. Your documents can be in any format like LaTeX, MS Word or other. To donate a document to the CFD-Wiki do the following:

  1. Collect your files - If your document consists of several files then put them all into one zip or tar file. Please make sure that you also include all pictures etc. in the zip/tar file.
  2. Upload them to the Wiki - Click Upload file in the toolbox menu to the left, browse to find the file you want to upload and write an appropriate file-name and a short description of what the file in question contains. Then click the Upload file button.
  3. List them as donated documets - Go to the donated texts page, click edit and add a link to your just uploaded file by writing [[Media:filename.tar.gz]] (replace "filename.tar.gz" with the name that you gave your uploaded file in the previous step). Please also write a short note on the page about what the document is about, who wrote it and when it was written. Then click the Save page button.
  4. Announce your donation - This isn't absolutely necessary, but you are very welcome to post a small message on the Wiki forum to tell us about your donated text.
  5. Enjoy the wonderful feeling of being a good contributing CFD-Wikian :-) THANKS!

When you donate your texts you also release them under a free GFDL license (see CFD-Wiki:Copyrights for more information) in a similar way as open-source software is often released under a GPL license. You of course retain the copyrights yourself to your own documents, but by releasing them under a GFDL you allow others to use and modify your text.

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