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Content and contributions


Someone changed my text and I don't like it! What should I do?

By adding something to the CFD-Wiki you submit yourself to the merciless review and editing by all other fellow CFD-Wikians. This is the whole idea of the Wiki process and please try to look at things objectively and be generous in accepting modifications by other CFD-Wikians. Also remind yourself about the content policies. If you still think that someone changed something to the worse please go ahead and change it back. CFD-Wikians are bold and generous people who are not afraid to help and correct eachother, always with a friendly smile of course :-) It is also wise to post a message about the incident and why you changed it back on the Wiki forum. Don't get into a repeated change-and-change-back conflict though. If someone changed back your modifications and you still do not agree with it please instead discuss it on the Wiki forum and try to resolve the conflict there yourself. If you fail to reach an agreement please post a message on the forum requesting mediation by the Wiki bureaucrat. Note that sometimes there might be different views of the correct description of something, and there might exist several accepted versions in the CFD community. In such cases both views should be described in a netutral point of view - see the content policies for more information.

Note that blatant Wiki vandalism is a different problem. Sometimes people delete, change or add things without any intention of improving the Wiki content. See below the Wiki vandalism section below for information on how to handle this.


If I post my works in the CFD-Wiki will I later be able to publish it in a paper or a book?

In general, yes! By submitting your works to the CFD-Wiki you release that version under a free GFDL license (see CFD-Wiki:Copyrights for more information). The GFDL license is not an exclusive license and as the original author you always keep the copyrights to your own works. Hence, you can also release your own works under a different license, for example a commercial license as commonly used by publishers. The only problem that might occur is if the publisher requires an exclusive license. The version of your works that you have released under a GFDL license and added to the CFD-Wiki can not be retracted since the GFDL license is non-revocable. This is normally not a problem though since you will usually re-work and extend your works significantly before publishing them commercially. Most publishers are happy with this, but please confirm this with your publisher! Having previous versions of your work in the CFD-Wiki might even be good publicity for your later publications.

Wiki vandalism

I found spam in the Wiki, what should I do?

Delete the spam and report the incident by posting a short notice about it on the Wiki forum. Please also include a link to the page on which the incident occured. An administrator can ban the offending user. Spam is typically things like ads, get-rich schemes, links to dubious web-sites, ...

Someone destroyed/deleted/vandalised the Wiki content, what should I do?

Sometimes people delete, change or add things without any intention of improving the Wiki content. If you find this kind of Wiki vandalism please report it on the Wiki forum to have an administrator resolve the issue and ban the offending user. You can of course also restore the content yourself.

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