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This page describes the most important CFD-Wiki policies. Most of our policies have been insipred by the policies and guidelines established by Wikipedia.

Content policies

All contribtions should adhere to the following policies:

  • Neutral point of view
All articles should be written in a neutral point if view without bias, representing different views fairly. The Wiki is not the place to promote or advocate different opinions or interests. Neither is it the place to promote yourself, a certain product, code or company. Be very restrictive when writing about yourself, your company, your products or your own research results. This principle is especially important when writing about commercial products. We don't want a Wiki filled with commercial advertising.
  • No original research
Do not publish original research in the Wiki. All material added to the Wiki should be established views or facts that are generally accepted in the research community. New research results should first have been published in peer-reviewed journals and conferences before being added to the Wiki.
  • Verifiability
Information in the Wiki should be verifiable. Whenever possible include links or references to where the information can be verified. Preferably the information should already have been published by a reputable publisher. Note that information does not necessarily have to be the one single truth - confliciting opinions might exist.
  • No copyright violations
Please make sure that all material that you add is free from any conflicting copyrights. Do not add material to which others own the copyrights without their explicit approval. We take copyrights seriously and will delete any material that is found to break someones copyrights.

Policy enforcement

All users of the Wiki have the right and should help with enforcing the policies of this Wiki. Anyone who sees content which is not following our policies can easily correct or change the content himself. Don't be too afraid to change what someone else wrote if you think that it is inappropriate or breaks our policies. The Wiki is our collective work, created by many volunteer efferts. We should not let others use it for things like advertising, personal promotion etc. When you change or delete someone additions then please also write a short comment about it in the "Summary" field of the edit screen. Avoid to get into a repeated change-and-change-back conflict though. If your corrections are not accepted by the original author then see the section below on conflict resolution.

Conflict resolution

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