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Vector/Matrix formating

I (JasonD) propose that we edit a paragraph/blurb here on this until it comes to some steady state and then either go the forum with it or just move it to the style guide.

Here's what we seem to agree on:

  • n-tuples (nx1 arrays) need to differentiated from matrices
  • Elements of arrays/vectors are lower case with subscripts

Here are some open questions:

  • Exact way to differentiate n-tuples:
    • \vec
    • \mathbf - this will avoid confusion with vectors in R^3
  • "Best" (for sake of consistency) letter to use as solution n-tuple
    • x is used in most of the linear algebra literature, so I (JasonD) think this would be best for the linear systems section.


  •  Ax = b
  •  A\,x = b
  •  A\vec{x} = \vec{b}
  •  A\,\vec{x} = \vec{b}
  •  A\mathbf{x} = \mathbf{b}
  •  A\,\mathbf{x} = \mathbf{b}
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