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An overview of both free and commercial CFD software. Here you will find short descriptions of codes along with links to resources.

Note to contributers: Please try to keep descriptions short and to the point (approximately 200 words) and avoid long lists of features or capabilities. Also keep in mind that all contributions are considered to be released under the GNU Free Documentation License 1.2 (see Project:Copyrights for details). Also note that all information should be verifiable and objective truths that also competitors to the code in question will agree upon. This is especially important if you are an employee of the company selling the code. See the CFD-Wiki:Policy for further information.


Free codes

This section lists codes that are in the public domain, and codes that are available under GPL, BSD or similar licenses.

=== Solvers ===
Solver Mesh type(s) supported
* ADFC -- ADFC homepage
* Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics -- Solver homepage
* CFD2k -- CFD2k: a 2D-solver for compressible ideal gases - homepage
* Channelflow -- Channelflow: a spectral Navier-Stokes simulator in C++ homepage
* Code_Saturne -- Code_Saturne homepage
* COOLFluiD -- COOLFluiD homepage
* Diagonalized Upwind Navier Stokes -- DUNS homepage
* Dolfyn -- dolfyn a 3D unstructured general purpose solver - homepage .gmsh
*Edge -- Edge homepage: 2D & 3D compressible RANS / Euler flow solver on unstructured and hybrid grids.bmsh
*ELMER -- ELMER homepage
* FDS -- FDS homepage
* Featflow -- Featflow homepage
* Femwater -- Femwater code
* FreeFEM -- FreeFEM homepage
*HiFlow³ -- HiFlow³ homepage
*Gerris Flow Solver -- Gerris Flow Solver homepage
* GPDE -- Discrete adjoint CFD using AD | 2/3D FV, unstr, incomp, F90
* IMTEK Mathematica Supplement (IMS) -- IMTEK Mathematica Supplement (IMS) homepage
* iNavier -- iNavier Solver Home Page
* ISAAC -- ISAAC Home Page
* Kicksey-Winsey -- Kicksey-Winsey Home Page
* MFIX -- Computational multiphase flow homepage
*NaSt2D-2.0 -- NaSt2D-2.0 homepage
*NEK5000 -- NEK5000 homepage
*NSC2KE -- NSC2KE homepage
* NUWTUN -- NUWTUN Home Page
*OpenFlower -- OpenFlower homepage
*OpenFOAM -- OpenFOAM homepage Internal "foam" format; convert from ansys, cfx4, dat, fluent3d, fluentMesh, gambit, gmsh, ideasUnv, kiva, msh, netgenNeutral, plot3d, samm, star3, star4, tetgen
*OpenLB -- OpenLB homepage
* OpenFVM -- OpenFVM homepage
* PETSc-FEM -- PETSc-FEM homepage
* PP3D -- parpp3d++ homepage
* SLFCFD -- SLFCFD homepage
*Tochnog -- Tochnog homepage
* Typhon solver -- Typhon solver homepage
=== Grid generation ===
Generator Mesh type(s) supported
*Delaundo -- Delaundo homepage.pts
* Engrid -- Engrid homepage
* GMSH -- GMSH hompage
* gridgen -- gridgen homepage
* IA-FEMesh -- IA-FEMesh homepage
* NETGEN -- NETGEN homepage
* SALOME -- SALOME homepage
* TETGEN -- TETGEN hompage
*Triangle -- Triangle homepage



Commercial codes


Grid generation



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