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Flomerics FAQ

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Flomerics CFD Products

FLOTHERM - What are some key differentiators of Flotherm?

-Complete set of SmartParts (intelligent model creation macros) -Explorer-style project manager with drag-and-drop functionality -CAD-style, mouse-driven drawing board using simple draw, drag and drop operations to create and manipulate geometry -Structured-Cartesian grid that can be “localized” and nested to minimize solve times and enable multi-scale modeling -Full control of grid constraints for fine, local and global refinement -Object-associated grid that combines model creation and grid generation into a single step

FLOTHERM - What are some key differentiators of the Flotherm solver?

-Concurrent solution for convective, conductive and radiative heat transfer -Solution termination optionally based on convergence of user defined monitor points -Multi-fluids capability -Ability to simulate either turbulent or laminar flow (turbulent models - revised algebraic, LVEL algebraic, Standard k-e, revised k-e) -Definition in transient variation in terms of linear ramping, power increase, exponential increase, sinusoidal, periodic or imported .csv pointwise variations -Fully automatic radiation exchange and view factor calculation -Automatic solar loading boundary conditions

FLOTHERM - What types of questions should be asked prior to purchasing a CFD Tool?

Support - In evaluating thermal analysis software for electronic systems, it is imperative for the user to have ready access to technical support from the supplier.

Computational mesh - Does the meshing technique of this software lead to the most efficient, speedy solution for the kind of problems I need to solve? How quick and easy is it to create the computational grid?

Solution features - Is it possible to view variables of interest – the temperatures of critical components, for example – while the solution is converging? Early indication of the solution can facilitate swift decisions, speeding up the design process.

Results - How does the software present the generated results? Can I output data in both tabular and 3D graphical form?

What type of ROI should I expect?

FLOTHERM - What are the 7.1 System Requirements?

FLOTHERM v7.1 is available on the Microsoft Windows and Sun Solaris operating systems. Advanced solver support, parallel thermal solver and 64-bit thermal solver, are also available on these platforms.

FLOTHERM is partially available on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Support on this platform is limited to following components: Thermal Solver, Exchange Factor Generator (EFG), Volunteer GUI and Volunteer daemon.

[Additional System Requirements]

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