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Flomerics FAQ

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Flomerics CFD Products

FLOTHERM - What are some key differentiators of Flotherm?

-Complete set of SmartParts (intelligent model creation macros) -Explorer-style project manager with drag-and-drop functionality -CAD-style, mouse-driven drawing board using simple draw, drag and drop operations to create and manipulate geometry -Structured-Cartesian grid that can be “localized” and nested to minimize solve times and enable multi-scale modeling -Full control of grid constraints for fine, local and global refinement -Object-associated grid that combines model creation and grid generation into a single step

FLOTHERM - What are some key differentiators of the Flotherm solver?

-Concurrent solution for convective, conductive and radiative heat transfer -Solution termination optionally based on convergence of user defined monitor points -Multi-fluids capability -Ability to simulate either turbulent or laminar flow (turbulent models - revised algebraic, LVEL algebraic, Standard k-e, revised k-e) -Definition in transient variation in terms of linear ramping, power increase, exponential increase, sinusoidal, periodic or imported .csv pointwise variations -Fully automatic radiation exchange and view factor calculation -Automatic solar loading boundary conditions

FLOTHERM - What types of questions should be asked prior to purchasing a CFD Tool?

Support - In evaluating thermal analysis software for electronic systems, it is imperative for the user to have ready access to technical support from the supplier.

Computational mesh - Does the meshing technique of this software lead to the most efficient, speedy solution for the kind of problems I need to solve? How quick and easy is it to create the computational grid?

Solution features - Is it possible to view variables of interest – the temperatures of critical components, for example – while the solution is converging? Early indication of the solution can facilitate swift decisions, speeding up the design process.

Results - How does the software present the generated results? Can I output data in both tabular and 3D graphical form?

What type of ROI should I expect?

FLOTHERM - What are the 7.1 System Requirements?

FLOTHERM v7.1 is available on the Microsoft Windows and Sun Solaris operating systems. Advanced solver support, parallel thermal solver and 64-bit thermal solver, are also available on these platforms.

FLOTHERM is partially available on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Support on this platform is limited to following components: Thermal Solver, Exchange Factor Generator (EFG), Volunteer GUI and Volunteer daemon.

[Additional System Requirements]

EFD - What is EFD?

EFD is a full-featured general purpose fluid flow and heat transfer analysis software combining all simulation steps, starting with reading CAD data, model definition, mesh generation, solving, postprocessing, and ending-up with the generation of result presentations in one single package. CAD data from all major CAD systems can be read in native formats into the integrated state-of-the-art solid modeller, ready for fully automatic meshing and solving. EFD’s sophisticated physical models are prepared to simulate a wide range of engineering tasks, from creeping non-Newtonian flows to supersonic gas flows with high mach numbers.

FLOVENT - What is Flovent?

FLOVENT is a powerful Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software that predicts 3D airflow, heat transfer and contamination distribution in and around buildings of all types and sizes. FLOVENT's fast and easy-to-use menu system is designed specifically for the design and optimization of heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems. Typical applications include data centers and IT rooms, clean rooms, auditoriums, shopping malls, office buildings, underground car parks, passenger comfort in vehicles, airport terminals, etc, air quality and contaminant control in laboratories, research facilities, and hospitals.

FLOPCB - What is FloPCB?

FLO/PCB provides a multi-disciplinary software environment that greatly improves design collaboration between product marketing, electrical and mechanical engineers. FLO/PCB enables layout and thermal issues to be optimized upfront while the functional description is being defined. The result is fully-refined concepts that speed their way through design-for-manufacturing, test, validation and ultimately to market with reduced development costs and no late-cycle redesigns.

FLOPACK - What is FloPACK?

FLOPACK is designed to generate accurate thermal libraries of IC components, standard test harnesses, and other associated parts.

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