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Flow across a square cylinder

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The flow across a square cylinder is an important test case for the validation of separated flows in the turbulent regime. In the past, it has been regularly used to validate Large Eddy Simulation (LES) models.

Experiments studying the flow across a square cylinder have been available since about the time of Vickery (1966), while modern simulations usually tend to reproduce the results of Lyn and Rodi (1994) whose data set for Re = 22,000 is publicly available.

The flow involves separation and coherent vortex shedding. In trying to benchmark a code with the experimental data, the following items are usually compared:

  • Strouhal number which is the easiest to reproduce.
  • Mean recirculation length.
  • Global drag and lift statistics, e.g. mean lift coefficient, rms lift coefficient, mean drag coefficient and rms drag coefficient.
  • Spatial distributions of time-averaged and phase-averaged velocities, pressure and Reynolds stresses.



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