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Gridgen is a commercial mesh generator developed and sold by Pointwise, Inc. Development of Gridgen began in 1984 and commercial development, distribution, and support began in 1994.

Gridgen features include:

  1. Structured (mapped quad and hex), unstructured (Delaunay tri and tet), and hybrid (prism-tet, hex-pyramid-tet, etc.) meshing.
  2. Geometry modeling that includes neutral (IGES & STEP), native (Pro/E, CATIA, & UG), and de facto standard (STL) import, geometry creation including intersections, solid modeling, and IGES export.
  3. Native interfaces to CFD solvers such as FLUENT, STAR-CD, ANSYS CFX, CFD++, and Cobalt as well as neutral formats such as CGNS
  4. Runs on Windows (Intel and AMD), Linux (Intel and AMD), Mac, and Unix
  5. Has a Tcl-based scripting language called GridgenGlyph that can automate CFD meshing

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