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General guidelines for editors

  • The Wiki needs your help!
This Wiki will never be better than the information we all fill it with. Everyone with some knowledge about CFD can contribute, so please go ahead and add something about your area of expertise. Things can always be improved later on! It is much better with a short incomplete page on something than no page at all. An incomplete page will encourage others to work further on it. So add whatever you can and leave it to others to improve it later on.
  • Write in a neutral point of view
See the WikiPedia NPOV definition. This is especially important when writing about commercial products. We don't want a Wiki filled with commercial advertising.
  • Please make sure that all material you add is free from any copyrights.
  • Check the style guide below

Style guide

This Wiki has just been started so we don't have any well-established common style yet. However, below are a few recommendations that we seem to agree on so far. Feel free to add your own recommendations here, or write something on the talk page if you want to discuss it.

Naming pages/articles

  • Name pages with lower-case letters on all words except the first character.
  • Make sure that the page-name fully identifies the content. For example don't name a page on how to create movies with Fluent "create movies". Instead call it something like "Fluent - how to create movies". You can still link to it with a shorter link-title by using a piped link like this: [[Fluent - how to create movies | create movies]]
  • Do not start page titles with The. For example The Navier-Stokes equations should be only Navier-Stokes equations.

Mathematical formulas

  • Write mathematical formulas indented with a ":" in the following way:

:<math>LaTeX formula goes here</math>

  • In pages with many formulas which you need to reference in the text number the formulas using a HTML table like this:

<table width="100%">
LaTeX for formula one goes here
</td><td width="5%">(1)</td></tr>

  • For definitions and equivalences use "\equiv" (<math>\equiv</math>) and use "=" (<math>=</math>) for equations.

Help with editing

For some basic help on how to edit pages please visit WikiMedia Help for Editors or How to edit a page. For help with writing mathematical formulae, see the wikipedia help pages.

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