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Large eddy simulation (LES)

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The subgrid-scale turbulence models usually employ the Boussinesq hypothesis,that is computing subgrid-scale turbulent stresses from:

\tau _{ij}  - \frac{1}{3}\tau _{kk} \delta _{ij}  =  - 2\mu _t \bar S_{ij}

 \bar S_{ij} 
is the rate-of-strain tensor for the resolved scale defined by

\bar S_{ij}  = \frac{1}{2}\left( {\frac{{\partial \bar u_i }}{{\partial x_j }} + \frac{{\partial \bar u_j }}{{\partial x_i }}} \right)

and   \mu _t  is the subgrid-scale turbulent viscosity.

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