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Law of the wall

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|<math>\kappa</math> || von Karman's constant (<math>\approx 0.41</math>)
|<math>\kappa</math> || von Karman's constant (<math>\approx 0.41</math>)
|<math>C</math> || Constant (<math>\approx 5.0</math>)
|<math>C</math> || Constant (<math>\approx 5.1</math>)

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In the log layer the velocity profile can be estimated with the log law:

u^+ = \frac{1}{\kappa} \, ln(y^+) + C


u^+ Dimensionless velocity
y^+ Dimensionless wall distance
\kappa von Karman's constant (\approx 0.41)
C Constant (\approx 5.1)

We should have a lin-log plot here of a typical turbulent boundary layer to illustrate where the log-law is valid, anyone have one handy?

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