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Welcome to the Computational Fluid Dynamics Wiki, a project of CFD Online. Free to all, intended to produce the most comprehensive and useful CFD resource available, CFD-Wiki is created and maintained by volunteers from around the world. Please join us and contribute something today! You can also help by donating your reports and theses, or by doing much need editing. You don't need to be a CFD Guru to help us. There are lots of sections that still require cleanup including spelling, grammar, and ponctuation. You can also check out the History of CFD section where no CFD expertise is required!

Launched: November 20, 2005. We are currently working on 562 articles.


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Featured article

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Combustion phenomena consists of many physical and chemical processes with a broad range of time scales. Mathematical description of combustion is not always trivial. Analytical solutions exists only for basic situations of laminar flames and because of the assumptions necessary it is often restricted to ... more

This article is a good example of the high quality texts that you will find in CFD-Wiki. It is an excellent introduction to anyone who wants to learn more about combustion. The article isn't finished yet, but feel free to correct and improve it yourself!

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20 November 2005: CFD-Wiki launched to the public --Jola 18:12, 19 November 2005 (MST)

14 November 2005: The public launch date of the CFD-Wiki has been set to November 20, 2005. --Jola 10:39, 14 November 2005 (MST)

"I consider it the obligation of scientists and intellectuals to ensure that their ideas are made accessible and thus useful to society instead of being mere playthings for specialists." --Bjarne Stroustrup, from "Design and Evolution of C++"

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