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This article contains answers for TMG-Flow solver related FAQ. Please feel free to add questions and answers here!


NX Flow

Pre/post environments Questions

Which software module of the Siemens PLM Software offering contains CFD TMG-Flow solver capabilities?

Three Siemens PLM Software for pre/post digital simulation environments offer CFD analysis capabilities as one of their modules (NX, NX I-deas, and Femap)

1] NX is the Siemens PLM Software leading product for enterprise-level computer-aided design (CAD), manufacturing (CAM) and engineering (CAE/CFD).

NX modules (including CFD solver) for general purpose fluid flow simulations:

  • NX Flow
  • NX Advanced Flow (add-on module to NX Flow)
  • NX Electronic Systems Cooling (for High Tech and Electronics applications)

2] NX I-deas has been considered one of the leading software solutions for digital simulation for nearly 20 years. It is a mature software.

NX I-deas module for general purpose CFD and electronics cooling applications: NX I-deas ESC

3] Femap is the world's leading windows-based engineering simulation tool for finite element analysis (FEA). It brings a complete range of powerful digital simulation solutions directly to the engineer's desktop easily and affordably.

Femap modules for general purpose CFD and coupled heat transfer simulations:

  • Femap Flow
  • Femap Thermal
  • Femap Advanced Thermal
  • TMG-Flow Solver Capabilities Questions

  • TMG-Flow & NX Nastran Fluid-Structure Interaction

  • Within NX, can I run fluid-structure interaction between NX Flow and NX Nastran?

    Yes, NX Flow pressures can be automatically transfered from a CFD mesh to a disjoint and dissimilar NX Nastran structural mesh. A similar capability exists within Femap Flow and Femap NX Nastran using data surfaces

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