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   <td>Specific heat ratio = <math>C_p/C_v</math></td>
   <td>[[Ratio of specific heats | Specific heat ratio]] = <math>C_p/C_v</math></td>

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Acronym Description Unit
C_p Specific heat at constant pressure J/kgK
C_v Specific heat at constant volume J/kgK
e Internal energy J/kg
e_0 Total energy J/kg
h Enthalpy J/kg
k Turbulent kinetic energy J/kg
p Static pressure Pa
Pr Prandtl number
R Specific gas constant J/kgK
S_{ij}^* Trace-less viscous strain-rate tensor s^{-1}
t Time s
T Static temperature K
u^* Friction velocity m/s
u_i Velocity m/s
\gamma Specific heat ratio = C_p/C_v
\delta_{ij} Kronecker's delta function
\mu Dynamic viscosity Ns/m^2
\nu Kinematic viscosity m^2/s
\rho Density kg/m^3
\tau_{ij} Shear stress tensor N/m^2
\omega Specific dissipation s^{-1}


tTurbulent property
0Stagnation / total property


convConvective part
diffDiffusive part
lamLaminar part
totLaminar + turbulent part
turbTurbulent part
'Reynolds fluctuating part
''Favre fluctuating part
\widetilde{\cdot}Density weighted (Favre) average
\overline{\cdot}Normal average (time or space)
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