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Revision as of 19:42, 19 December 2005 by Tsaad (Talk | contribs)
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Engineering Software has a section devoted to Compressible Flow -- this is a significant part of Energy Conversion Systems.

Can a link to this area be honored by CFD-Online?




Dear Gordan,

There is nothing wrong with the e-Solution website and the services that are offered. The only astuce is that they do not strictly fall under the category of Computational Fluid Dynamics. As I told you earlier, the codes offer an overall energy analysis. In the case of the compressible flow codes, they are based on the 1-D analytical solutions (normal shocks, expansion waves...). They still do categorize as CFD material. CFD is a very broad area that is directed to overcoming the "impossibilities" of analytical solutions for higher dimensional problems as well as complex geometries.

If you have additional concerns, please place your comments in the CFDWiki Forum so that this discussion is transparent to all users and everybody can give their opinion.



Hi Gordan,

We appreciate your contributions to the CFDWiki. However, we found that the link you provided is not directly related to CFD material. It is directed towards energy conversion systems and overall system analysis, which is a different specialization by its own. Your site is very nice and the material you provide is of good reference for energy studies, thermodynamic assessment of power cycles etc... This is not a targeted topic by CFD. You are most welcome to contribute to the CFDWiki, however, we have to remain in the area of CFD.



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