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Revision as of 17:46, 17 December 2005 by Jasond (Talk | contribs)
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Hi Tony,

I don't know if this should be on my talk page or yours, so I'll put it here. While I agree that there should be consistency across the pages, I don't agree with using all capitals - especially since it is not consistent with linear algebra texts and literature. We should strike a balance there, and in many of the texts/papers I have, Ax=b is used for linear systems, not A\phi=b (or any capitalization variation thereof). There is a difference between solvers appropriate for A\vec{x}=\vec{b} and solvers appropriate for AX=B (all matrices). We muddy the water on that issue if we use all capitals all the time. Thus, I disagree that using \Phi will be clearer.

In the interests of compromise, I suggest the following: use upper case for matrices, denote vectors with \vec, and use lower case (with subscripts) for elements of either. I was in the process of editing the LU page, and that is what I have done with that (except for the elements of L and U, which I'll fix after I get done with my grading). I think it looks pretty good.

(Two side notes: The only reason there was still a "B" in the GE page was that you saved an edit while I was in process of doing my edit. When I merged my edits back in, I missed that. Also, I don't think that using "A \cdot b" for matrix-vector multiplication is a good idea)

Regards, Jason

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