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This article contains answers for NX Flow, NX Advanced Flow, NX Electronic Systems Cooling, and Femap Flow related FAQ. Please feel free to add questions and answers here!


NX Flow

  • Pre/post environments Questions

    Which software module of the Siemens PLM Software NX offering contains CFD solver capabilities?

    Three Siemens PLM Software environments offer CFD analysis capabilities as one of their modules (NX, NX I-deas, Femap)

    NX is the Siemens PLM Software leading product for enterprise-level computer-aided design (CAD), manufacturing (CAM) and engineering (CAE/CFD).

    NX modules (including CFD solver) for fluid flow simulations:

    • NX Flow
    • NX Advanced Flow (add-on module to NX Flow)
    • NX Electronic Systems Cooling (for High Tech and Electronics cooling applications)

  • NX Flow solver/modeling questions

  • NX Advanced Flow solver/modeling questions

  • NX Electronic Systems Cooling solver/modeling questions

  • NX Flow & NX Nastran Fluid-Structure Interaction

    Within NX, can I run fluid-structure interaction between NX Flow and NX Nastran?

    Yes, NX Flow pressures (both shear force and normal pressure) and/or temperatures can be automatically transfered from a CFD mesh to a disjoint and dissimilar NX Nastran structural mesh.

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