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268 November 19, 2012 03:16

Lamp holder meshing
Hi, all

I got a lamp holder from CATIA. I set Virtual Topology, automatic pinch control and Terahedrons method in ANSYS MESHING, but ANSYS could not generate any mesh. Then, I tried the body sizing with element size of the holder part (0.001m). It meshed with element 16120029, but low quality(orthogonal quality min 0.0112, skewness max 0.99). It will take lots of time on calculating the result. How to deal with the setting with fine quality?

I also tried to do the slice in Geometry, but it did not work with slice off face.(Or I don't know how to use it:() Some object contact with different surface. Is this a better way to slice the lamp holder into many parts and select individual one to mesh it?

Thanks in advance

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