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diamondx April 17, 2013 19:16

Before you start a thread, see if you can find answers here
This forum is to discuss issues about geometry generation and meshing.

To ensure the information on this forum is of high quality please consider the following before placing a post on this forum:

Have you done the tutorial problems?
ICEM CFD and ANSYS MESHING comes with a range of tutorial to show how various types of meshing techniques are done. The customer portal includes quick tutorials and training material to be downloaded.

Extra ressources:
- FAR’s youtube channel include a variety of meshing techniques:
- Ansys inc’s channel tends to upload tutorials too :
- Simon’s tips and trick on ICEM CFD:
- An ICEM CFD introductory guide by Diamondx:

Please Try to Search Past Forum Threads
the chances are pretty high that your troubleshooting has been experienced before, which is why all past threads are never deleted for the purpose of education for future users. You have to be a little specific and not just type one-word searches to narrow down the search result.

Please Be Polite
if you’re polite, volunteers will be polite in return. Politeness include saying thank you after your issue has been resolved, because less than half actually do that. Volunteers will remember that and are more likely to assist you better in future.

Please Be Specific
A lot of people seeking help from the forums are not explicit when explaining their problems. This lengthens the process of solving their problems. The more specific you are in explaining your situation, the faster volunteers can solve your issue because they don’t have to spend time asking you more questions to help them help you. Be aware that sometimes the language barrier due to your lack of proficiency in English may hinder your being able to specify your problem.
Include enough detail in your question. Put pictures in your post to describe what you mean, include the project files if possible and fully describe what you are trying to do. If we don't know what you want to do it will be hard for us to help.

Avoid private messages
Please avoid asking for help in private messages. It is difficult to keep track of private messages and doing so does not contribute to the forum as a resource. Other users can not learn from how your problem was resolved if you ask questions in private messages. In addition, by asking for help from only one user you are narrowing down your chances to get an answer by dismissing other potential helpers. Volunteers have proven themselves many times by their willingness to help on the forum. If you don't get an answer it might mean that other users are either trying to figure out the problem or they couldn't come up with a solution.

Remember, nobody is paid to answer questions on this forum. People answer questions because they like to help people so help yourself by posting a well written, thought out and interesting question. You will get a much better response that way!

Good Luck!

-mAx- April 18, 2013 04:47

I would add 2 points more
-Giving also feedback to inform the one who helped, is also appreciated.
-Requiring help by the use of private messages is also NOT desired

Far May 5, 2013 15:00

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