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jszl November 24, 2009 21:11

conjugate heat transfer export and import problem
Dear Simon,

That is my first thing in ICEM. You can see how I made it with parts.

I made inlet, outlet, wall and plate choosing the surface on that geometry.

then my procedure is as follows:

1. Bodies:Heater(solid) and fluid
2. Blocking for solid first.
3. Having turned off the solid in the parts, blocking for fluid
4. Splitting the block
5. Having turned off some unnecessary blocks in block index, add a block to the heater(solid part)
6. associating the points to vertices, and edges to curves
7. Making o-grid and choose every blocks having turned on the solid in the parts. As for choosing the surfaces for o-grid, chose only surfaces of inlet and outlet.
8. Choosing hexa dominant, made vol mesh
9. covert to unstru mesh
10. Meshing

But I got only one part like below.

Please help me. That is simple case. I want to have two 3d regions for conjugate heat transfer case.

Thank you very much in advance,


PSYMN December 1, 2009 01:39

Hello, I am not sure off the top of my head, although I am slightly concerned about your step 8...

Was this an unstructured block?

I will need to run thru the steps myself and will try to get back to you tomorrow...

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