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user0314 September 16, 2011 12:01

Loading previously saved mesh in ICEM CFD
I have a 3D mesh in icem cfd with about 14million volume elements. I created the mesh, saved it, and now am trying to open the mesh up again in icem to further inspect it.

It has been trying to open for 4 hours and I keep getting messages:
38 edges
found open edge near 1459368 1459369
triangle aspect = 0.320336
adding tri face at 1459368 1459369 2540613
36 edges
found open edge near 1459369 2540613
disconnecting tri face at 1459369 2540613 1459368

What is the problem?

Any suggestions appreciated.

PSYMN September 20, 2011 12:46

It appears that only a partial mesh was saved and now it is trying to fill in the holes one element at a time...

You would probably appreciate this if there were just a few elements lost, but since it seems like perhaps many many (perhaps all the surface mesh) elements are lost, it will probably be much faster to abort and generate the mesh again.

I am not sure how you got to this stage in the first place...

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