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Julie Polyakh June 9, 2003 10:37

Restart with ProHPC

Does anybody know how to restart a case with ProHPC?



TomK June 9, 2003 17:17

Re: Restart with ProHPC
Basically it is done the same as a restart with star. From the prostar gui guide select restart and save your problem file. Then, if you are restarting from an HPC run, just use the HPC gui to write files again. If you are starting from a single processor, in the HPC gui there is a section that allows you to split your .pst file for each processor. Note that the .pst file must be there even if you are doing a transient, because that is where your restart data is. If you are doing a transient, if you leave the .pstt file on the node, it will append to it. This could end up causing a file too large to be read with some versions of UNIX and LINUX.

After re-reading this, I am sure that I have made it clear as mud. If you have a specific question I can try to address it. Actually, though, like almost everything, it is a pretty easy process once you have done it the first time.

Good luck, TomK

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