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elenaSh September 11, 2012 08:55

Moved thread
When I do mesh motion, nodes on boundary like WALL does not move. What can I do?

keon September 11, 2012 12:28

Resistant Coefficient (Ct)
I am a student from Malaysia, doing a research about calculating Trimaran resistance in calm water using ANSYS CFX , so, I want to know how I can get the resistance coefficient for the ship, detail of the setup is:

inlet; boundary details,subsonic, normal speed,22m/s, medium intensity-5%
outlet; boundary detail, subsonic, static pressure, 0 pa
wall; the hull itself, no slip wall
symmetry; the bottom, side and top of domain, set with free slip wall
domain; fluid domain,water,continuous solid,reference pressure=0 pa ,stationary
Global initialisation; domain initialisation, cartesian, automatic with value, U=22m/s,V=0m/s and W=0m/s, medium intensity-5%

I am new with ANSYS, and this setup is based from a basic tutorial I found in internet, if there is any error or suggestion, please feel free to tell me, below is the link for the image of my work...

ghorrocks September 11, 2012 19:19

I have moved this thread to a new thread. Please do not hijack other threads.

Mesh motion - do the tutorial examples in CFX on mesh motion.

Resistance - Use the force_x/y/z functions to get the force on the body and calculate resistance coefficient from there.

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