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s. July 9, 2002 04:17

moving mesh in 5.5?
hello, cfx 5.5 can solve turbomachinery problem about moving mesh boundary condition between rotor and stator? and cfx 5.5 can show animation result with rotate rotor in time (like cfx-tascflow)?

y July 10, 2002 02:35

Re: moving mesh in 5.5?

Astrid July 10, 2002 16:07

Re: moving mesh in 5.5?
Dear s.

As far as I know, you can not do this in CFX 5.5. The only option is the frozen rotor specification, which ommits the time dependent rotor-stator interaction. However, be patient as CFX 5.5.1 is fully equiped for the simulation you want to perform. CFX 5.5.1 will be released asap.


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