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Karl Hooper December 9, 2004 17:49

Transient with BSL Reynolds Stress
Hi, I'm running into an error partway though a transient simulation that I can't figure out. I have a wall-bounded turbulent flow with an unsteadiness driven by buoyancy. I am trying to use a BSL Reynolds stress turbulence model. Despite starting nicely and running for more than 100 time-steps, it suddenly diverges and I get an "ERROR #004100018...FINMES" error. Each timestep (of 0.001 seconds) had been converging in about 6 coefficient iterations. Interestingly it fell over in different places in two identical runs (0.109 sec and 0.132 sec). I previously ran an SST turbulence model and 0.01 second timesteps without problems.

Can anyone offer any suggestions?


Johnson December 10, 2004 04:52

Re: Transient with BSL Reynolds Stress
Hi Karl,

Are you running with buoyancy turbulence production turned on? I think there were some issues with this. Also, what version of CFX-5 are you running?



Karl December 10, 2004 17:42

Re: Transient with BSL Reynolds Stress
I'm running 5.7 and no, I don't have buoyancy turbulence production turned on. Can you elaborate more on the issues buoyancy turbulence production?


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