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Kordou July 16, 2008 13:43

Icem Cfd To Cfx B.C. Problem

I am learning the ICEM CFD, and I have a problem with the export function. I have made a mesh following the tutorials, and I want to import it to CFX. When I am going to give B.C. for ANSYS CFX SOLVER (in the ICEM CFD), there are no B.C. to choose and when I open it in cfx there is only the main domain with out any areas. So I Can't import B.C. to cfx..

Any Idea?

Thank you

Rogerio Fernandes Brito July 16, 2008 22:20

Re: Icem Cfd To Cfx B.C. Problem
Did you really create your "Part" part (2D region) on ICEM CFD?

Look at this:

Glenn Horrocks July 17, 2008 01:50

Re: Icem Cfd To Cfx B.C. Problem

If you are using ICEM CFD as part of workbench (ie CAD2MESH) then you should not need to export to CFX. Use the analysis output buttons on the main toolbar.

To get boundary regions on the mesh assign the boundaries as different parts. The mesh associated with these parts will then come into CFX as different boundary regions.

Glenn Horrocks

Kordou July 17, 2008 11:21

Re: Icem Cfd To Cfx B.C. Problem
' again. Thanks for the help here. I found that the problem finally is not at the mesh exporting, but at the mesh generation.

My problem which I try to solve is like a cube with an inlet (a rectangular hall in the front side) and an outlet (a rectangular hall on the back side).

The problem is that, while I have made parts, in the Pre-mesh it does not break the parts on the same surface.

I tried to make a volume mesh, but then I loose the inflation that I have on the grid,

Kordou July 17, 2008 12:49

Re: Icem Cfd To Cfx B.C. Problem

I found the error. I just had to split the the block at the specific points...

thnks for the help

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