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AlexCFD March 4, 2011 16:02

Different interfaces in same location (two regions in the same face?)
Hello everyone,

I'm new to this forums, but I already tried to search for a thread regarding the problem that I'm going to try to explain:

I'm trying to make a Steady State simulation using Workbench and CFX. I have modeled a cabinet (box) and a body inside which is made out of two cylinders with equal radius. The cylinders are also placed together so their respective bases are coincident.

In order to model the fluid around this body I made a boolean operation substracting the cylinders from the cabinet (leaving the cylenders).

In the setup I define two domains: fluid and solid, but when I create interfaces between the two cylinders (solid) and the cabinet (fluid), there is a problem. There is only one cabinet face (internal) that corresponds to the two faces of the cylinders! I want to make two separate interfaces (solid-fluid) for each cylinder but I can't do that since there is only one face for the fluid but two faces for the solid.


How can I define two regions in a single face? :confused:

Any help would be appreciated. :)


stumpy March 4, 2011 17:15

You can't do that. The face on the fluid side needs split into two. It may already be split that way, but it's just that the two faces are grouped together into one Named Selection. If you look at the primitive face names (F.123.456 etc) you may be able to pick separate faces, or go back to Meshing and create separate Named Selections for the two fluid faces.

AlexCFD March 5, 2011 15:57

Thank you very much for your reply.

Yes, I think I need to split the face in two, but how can I do that? I know someone have been talking about this option here:

But I can't find it anywhere in the software.

Thank you very much.

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