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Pepe May 30, 2011 05:10

Axisymmetric 2D mesh adaptation - ERROR
does the 'mesh adaptation' work with 2D axisymmetric approach in CFX?

1) I import 2D mesh as FLUENT (*.msh) --> axisymmetric the solver works properly

2) I import (the same) 2D mesh as FLUENT (*.msh) --> axisymmetric. Then I set up the 'Mesh adaptation' in Pre, the solver returns following error: A negative ELEMENT volume has been detected.... after the adaptation.

3) I import (the same) 2D mesh as FLUENT (*.msh) --> PLANAR. Then I set up the 'Mesh adaptation' in Pre, the solver works properly.

I don't know where the problem is.... Is there any system variable needed to be set?

I use CFX 13

Thank you for replies

ghorrocks May 30, 2011 06:23

Mesh adaptation was dropped as a CFX feature a few releases ago and to my knowledge has not returned. Also using Fluent to refine meshes then importing them into CFX-Pre is problematic, I have never got it to work for me.

Pepe May 30, 2011 07:52

Thank you Glenn for a quick reply.
My mesh was built in Gambit and imported directly to CFX (I didn't use Fluent before). I suppose, import was successfull, because solver converged OK. But the 'mesh adaptation' could cause the problems.

Is possible, that the adaptation algorithm is not able to operate with the small angle segment, which appears due to axisymmetric import??

I'm gonna to compute a lots of variants, so I prefer CFX to Fluent.

ghorrocks May 30, 2011 08:28

Fluent has a "real" 2D solver, so if you have the choice of both solvers I would use Fluent if you have lots of simulations to do.

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