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Navin Sampath December 26, 2008 18:09

3D-Simulation of Water Flow From Nozzle into Air

I want to Compute Height and Trajectory, and Simulate the Water flow from a 3D pipe, having a Inlet and a Nozzle at Outlet, into a Air Domain (Atmosphere).

I have designed the 3D pipe and Nozzle in Gambit. I have also Built an Air Envelope around it. But I dont know what boundary condition i should specify and how to go about solving the problem.

I have parameters at the Inlet (as a Mass Flow rate or as a Velocity too).

I first simulated only the pipe and nozzle and got the output. But I dont know how to go about the path of water flow outside the pipe into atmosphere (Air).

It would be great if anyone can throw some light on this issue. Thank you in advance

Navin Sampath

asdf January 16, 2009 16:35

Re: 3D-Simulation of Water Flow From Nozzle into A *NM*

absoravorgo February 26, 2009 11:46

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