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buckngnr11 April 18, 2020 22:01

UDM Access Issue
Question related to a previous thread. In my UDF, I set three UDM values for the x y and z components of the face normals on the mesh. After running the executable, I can plot each UDM on the boundaries and they all work and display as expected. Now, when I add a line of code in my UDF calling this UDM and run the executable again, I get a segmentation error. Like I said the UDM is created fine, so I'm not sure why calling it into a new variable would be an issue. I'm also running in parallel, but I'm using the correct RP functions. Any ideas?

vinerm April 20, 2020 03:31

Try plotting the values for the UDMs. Secondly, as suggested earlier, try averaging using some dummy number for facecount.

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