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Jim87 May 21, 2013 17:55

Connecting Fluent benefits and Injection Molding Software
I've a probelm of modelling fluid and solid phases in an combined Fluent / injection molding (Moldflow f.e.) simulation.

I'm using Fluent for modelling the physics and fluid dynamics that are too special for basic injection molding softwares. My problem is that the injection molding software is able to compute frozen skin layers and I don't have a smart idea how to import this in Fluent. [the solving per melting/solidification method is clear].

Here my stepps:

1. Meshing with Fluent
2. Import in Moldflow and simulation in Moldflow [the simulation leads to frozen regions, that behave like solids in Fluent]
3. 2. Mapping the Mesh and Cell - Informations(Fluent to Moldflow)
4. Simulation in Fluent

Point 1 till 3. are working very well with the patch /interpolate file option of Fluent. The problem is that I have no adequate idea how to inform Fluent that a few cells (maybe via a temperature barrier are now frozen).

My ideas and tests:

A. Defining a special viscosity modell. From a barrier Temperature (Melting Temperature) the viscosity increases by factor 10E4 and more.

-> This doesn't work fine: A required increasement of viscosity above a few cells leads to high residuals ore divergation.

B. Using the Melting/Sodification Modell. But every cell with a less temperature than x is atomatically solidificated before the first iteration.

-> I don't know if this is possible, maybe with patching and special CC an BC.

C. Informing Fluent that cells with a less temperature than x are becomming solids and aren't fluids anymore.

-> In my eyes a very sturdy way (if it is possible). Maybe an UDF is able to do this step.
Or I could try to rewrite the Dat.file, replacing cells with the temperature x as solids [first have to find out the file structure]

Maybe someone can give me an advice?

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