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sbuanzi August 7, 2020 04:45

Export overset to Tecplot in batch mode
Hello everyone,

I'm dealing with a 3D transient simulation involving grid motion through dynamic mesh applied to overset blocks (one is fixed, the other one is rotating according to UDF).

I need to run it in batch mode through journal file and to post-process the solution with Tecplot. The problem is that I can't export it the right way to Tecplot: the overset hole cut "is not recognized" and I get the whole domain (dead cells included). Just as a try, I ran some iterations with gui: everything works as expected and the solution is exported properly only if I first initialize the mesh and visualize it with overset display option. Then the solution is exported properly. I've tried many solutions to export properly in batch mode, but none worked.

Does anyone know any solution/tricik?
I don't know if any other detail may be helpful.

Thank you in advance!

munjalpu September 1, 2020 11:34

There is a way to visualize it properly in the tecplot. you need follow below steps.

1. In fluent after you initialize the case, you need to select additional quantities to export during simulation. Export " overset cell type" variable. If you are using the journal file here is the command.



2. Once you have all the case and data files exported during the simulations, read them in tecplot using advance option. It should have "Load additional quantities" option.

(If you can't see the option, dont worry. Follow this steps: load the data files anways. Save the layout file. Open the layout file in notepad/notepad++. It should have line stating the name of data file you loaded, probably 2nd or 3rd line. Go to end of that line and add this option....
before: "AverageToNodes" "No" "SaveUncompressedFiles" "No"
after: "AverageToNodes" "No" "LoadAdditionalQuantities" "Yes" "SaveUncompressedFiles" "No"
3. Go to Plot->Blanking->Value Blanking and choose overset-cell-type in "Blank when" drop down. Also choose "less then equal to" in second drop down and Put '0' as value.
4. Check "active" and "include value blanking".

Fluent assigns values to each type of overset cell. See manual for more information. Here

sbuanzi September 3, 2020 08:44

Thank you very much munjalpu!

Your steps did the job

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