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tom April 12, 2000 02:09

Hy, I now again have the problem (it's not a big problem, but I want to discuss it) to make a 2-d-mesh. One the one side I want to use the 2-layer-wall-model, on the other side a 2-d-problem should be a fast thing and for this I can use only a few cells. What aspect-ratios at the nearest-wall-cell are still ok ? I tried a few times the "transition"-button to get "bigger" cells at the end of the boundary-layer, sometimes it works, sometimes (at more complicated geometries) it doesn't. What's your experience (usability + convergence) with those "transition-boundary-layers"? What sense has the "internal-continuity"-button? A fluent-man once said to me, those transition-boundaries are not good for convergence....? Do you mesh those "easy" things with another mesher than gambit where you can manipulate the cells more individually ? tom

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