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Barman Tambunan February 6, 2001 05:45

Help in Phase-Change Problem
I was trying to start with the phase change problem using FLUENT 5.3.18 and I follow the setup procedure (Phase Change Setup). After activating the: Define-->Models-->Energy from the menu and typing the: define-->models-->melt-freez and typing y [yes] for the yes and no question and I received a message :

Error: CAR: invalid argument [1]: wrong type [not pair] Error Object: #f.

Does it means that the Fluent version in our department didn't support the phase-change problem? Because from the help menu file that I have read I should be able to solve phase change problem.

Thanks for consideration on my problem.

Barman Tambunan February 7, 2001 02:17

Re: Help in Phase-Change Problem
Hi, Just answer my self. The problem has been solved. You need to open the mesh first before changing the parameter of the melt-freez parameter (mesh.msh file). Thanks

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