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Frank July 23, 2003 12:35

Gambit pyramid grid
I have a small cuboid in my geometry. It is 3x1x1 mm and I need a grid with pyramids. All Edges are meshed with 1. Only one Edge on the length side is meshed with 2. So normally we can get 4 pyramids easily on paper. But how I can do it in Gambit. There are only hex or tet possible. If I try with tet/hybrid, then it say that it isn't possible. I hope somebody can help me. Tanks Frank

Guess July 25, 2003 13:50

Re: Gambit pyramid grid
do you want all the pyramids in the computational domain or pyramids on the wall surface? If only on the wall create quad mesh on the wall surfaces and use tet/hybrid algorithm for volume mesh generation.

Frank July 28, 2003 04:59

Re: Gambit pyramid grid
Thanks for your information. The cuboid is a part of a very complex geometry, which I cutted to get hexahedral grid with very few pyramids and tetrahedrals. This is not at the wall. And in this cuboid four pyramids must be created, because the faces of this cuboid to the neighbours have defined grid. And this is easily possibly with a pencil and paper, but I only see that gambit only can hexahedral and tetrahedral?

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