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Fluent Beginner June 18, 2004 01:50

Import ICEM Mesh to Fluent

I used ICEM for a long time but I am new to Gambit and Fluent. I just wonder how I can import the mesh generate by ICEM into Fluent 6. By the way, I generated the mesh using ICEM on Windows system while Fluent 6 is running on IBM AIX system. Is it possible to import the mesh into Fluent?


Fluent Beginner

Bob June 18, 2004 08:37

Re: Import ICEM Mesh to Fluent
Yes it is. When you open Fluent just open the mesh file and it will open in Fluent. This is how I open mesh files created in Gambit.

Fluent Beginner June 18, 2004 13:12

Re: Import ICEM Mesh to Fluent
Thanks Bob. But I am still not sure how to import the mesh into Fluent. Follow is the operation I conducted:

1. Start Fluent located on AIX system by SSH from Linux system:

ssh userid@server

2. Click File->Import in Fluent program

But I can not find ICEM option. We have ANSYS, CGNS, FIDAP, GAMBIT, IDEAS, Nastran, Patran, Fluent 4 Case, PreBFC, Partition.

Could you please explain it in more detail?


Fluent Beginner

Bob June 20, 2004 01:05

Re: Import ICEM Mesh to Fluent
You don't go to file-> import. You go start to the file-> open. Open the mesh file as if you were opening a regular fluent case file.

Fluent Beginner June 21, 2004 00:13

Re: Import ICEM Mesh to Fluent
Thanks, Bob.

jyothishkumar June 23, 2004 00:27

Re: Import ICEM Mesh to Fluent
Dear fluent beginner,

I have seen ur id from cfd online website. I am working in gas turbine combustor. I am using gambit as my preprocessor. my geometry consists of many holes(dome holes(670 in no.,flare holes(790 in no.) etc) Meshing those volumes which contains this holes is becoming difficult. Some volumes i could able to mesh. But some other volumes it is telling gap in face meshing is more. Because of this i am trying the same geometry in ICEM CFD SOFTWARE(just started learning). I heard that meshing difficulties won't be there in icem cfd software. Is it a good idea or what should i do.If u can help me in this regard i will be grateful.



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