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Leverkin October 18, 2007 13:16

Rotational movement in 2D problem
Hello everyone,

I am trying to impose as a boundary condition in a wall rotational movement. My problem is 2D and i have rotate my domain so the rotated wall be in the x - axis as tutorial says. Even though it does not work. Any suggestions??

Thanks in advance

QAISI October 19, 2007 06:12

Re: Rotational movement in 2D problem
Your problem is bit similar like my one.. can you tell me what kind of BC you going to impose on it you define your problem briefly so might be I can help you..

Leverkin October 19, 2007 07:27

Re: Rotational movement in 2D problem
It's a reactor. Imagine tha i have a plate where i want to impose rotation. Something like the scetch below

|<-rotated plate ___________________________|________________


x-axis (symmetry)

but it doesn't work at all. I have tried all the solution that manual provides!! If you have any idea we can discuss it. What is your problem about?

Leverkin October 19, 2007 09:33

Re: Rotational movement in 2D problem
Because my previous scetch was rather bad i am posting a new one. I hope it will be more helpfull than the other one.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ |_ _ _ _ _

the line with spaces is x - axis of symmetry and the one line normal to x - axis (the little one) is the plate where i want to impose the rotational boundary condition (of course is larger in reality).


QAISI October 20, 2007 00:39

Re: Rotational movement in 2D problem
what I supposed form your sketch is you have 2d Circular domain with a wall (rotating Plate) is moving ..unlike Stirred tank wall is stationery and moving part is shaft with turbine. I reccom you first use MRF moving rotating frame..mean your domain fluid is MRF mention your rotational speed similar one to your rotating plate..and your rotating plate is your moving wall..IT it wont be work try sliding mesh... if you have still problem you send me your CAD file so I can Impose boundary condition and send back to you..

Leverkin October 26, 2007 08:16

Re: Rotational movement in 2D problem
Thanks for you advices but nothing of this works. Unfortunately i cannot send you my CAD file.Thanks anyway!

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