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Hassan December 6, 1999 13:07

Surface Integration
I am needed something about calculation of surface integration using Gause integration method for a panel (like retangular panels) using high accuracy. This could be able to integrate for a given function and local coordinate, the output of intergal could be obtained. If you know some references or separate subroutine, please tell me to find it. Thanks!

John C. Chien December 6, 1999 13:34

Re: Surface Integration
(1). Have you looked into college Calculus or Advanced Calculus books ?

Hassan December 6, 1999 14:25

Re: Surface Integration
I am looking something as residual coefficients that give accurate value over the surface, not simple one. I have many subroutine to do that, now looking n=200, means the number of w(k)and s(k) by more than 200 coef.

Adrin Gharakhani December 6, 1999 16:18

Re: Surface Integration
You didn't mention whether the functions are singular or regular! Anyway, there are a number of good integration routines at

Good luck

Adrin Gharakhani

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