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imnull November 25, 2011 15:27

Is anyone can help me with running simulation?
Usually we've been asked to validate a process simulation/s by measuring physical parameters of the process :o.
Here, I would ask your help to simulate the process but the good part is that I do have parameters measured by physical methods and ready to share (pressure, temperature, nozzle geometry, calculated gas flow velocity, M number).

I'm not an expert in CFD so I need a help from someone who is willing to help and curious about the real process.

Pls text me If you willing to help with running the simulation of supersonic gas flow (Ideally I would like to publish a paper based of comparison of the real measured case and simulated case). fyi: measured case is ready and I willng to share, so i need a help with simulation part. Once the simulation will be verified there will be a chance to improve the real process.

Thanks and regards,

gocfd November 28, 2011 17:23

Hi Dmitry,

I have done some work on turbine blade optimization using CFD tools and at present working for a CFD consulting group. I would like to help you for above work. You can send me details of the problem you want to simulate. My email address is

Harsh Shah

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