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Akvarel2505 July 14, 2019 05:50

OpenFOAM v1606+ could not read ca certificate
Hello everyone,

I need a piece of advice with the installation of OF 1606+ on Windows 7.

The installer was taken from here
File OpenCFD-OpenFOAM4WindowsInstaller_v1606+.exe

During the installation of OpenFoam Oracle VirtualBox, Git and Docker were installed as well.

When I tried to create OpenFoam environment I got this message. Seems to be OK, but I may be wrong... Is there any trouble here?

When I start OpenFoam itself, the window shows up for a while then disappears. The error is "Could not read CA certificate". The messages are here:

The certificates are exactly in that place but for some reason OpenFoam is unable to find them. How can I fix this problem? Docker itself works properly.

I have already tried to change the Environment variable "DOCKER_CERT_PATH" - I put there the right path manually but there was no effect on OpenFOAM. Also I tried to delete all docker variables (advice from Google), but there was no effect on openFoam as well...

I would appreciate any help.

wyldckat July 25, 2019 19:04

Quick answer: Any chance you can install a more recent version of with Docker?
Either that, or you need to uninstall Docker and install a more recent version of Docker, then use the container provided in that OpenFOAM+ installer.

Akvarel2505 July 26, 2019 01:13

Thanks for answer! The trick is that I need particularly this version. I already have 1806+, it works perfectly, but I need to test a code for 1606+.

wyldckat July 27, 2019 09:49

Quick answer: I vaguely remember that there were some instructions somewhere on how to use the container manually that is provided in the installer... I can't find it...

OK, I haven't tested this myself, but you could try using the Docker installation that you're using from v1806+ and install the container for v1606+ manually onto Docker:

docker pull openfoamplus/of_v1606plus_centos66
Then use the scripts "startOpenFoam+" and "installOpenFOAM+" at - and use them as guidance on how to start the respective containers. You might have to correlate them to how things are being done on Windows in the scripts used by v1806+.

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