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gaottino June 30, 2006 07:51

Hi, I have a problem when I'm
I have a problem when I'm trying to generate a mesh. I created a file blockMeshDict, and then I write the command: blockMesh <root> <case>.
This is what is wrote in the shell window:

Reading block mesh description dictionary

Creating block mesh

Creating blockCorners

Creating curved edges

Creating blocks

Creating patches

Creating block mesh topology

Default patch type set to empty

Check block mesh topology

Basic statistics
Number of internal faces : 27
Number of boundary faces : 66
Number of defined boundary faces : 66
Number of undefined boundary faces : 0

Checking patch -> block consistency

Creating block offsets

Creating merge list .

Creating points

Creating cells

Creating patches

Creating mesh from block mesh

Default patch type set to empty

Creating merge patch pairs

/lib64/tls/ [0x2aaaab9394c0]
blockMesh [0x428a3b]

I suppose I do an error in creating the file blockMeshDict, but I don't know and I don't understand what kind of error.
Could someone help me,please?
Thanks a lot.
Best regards

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