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seav June 10, 2013 04:19

How to set faces for fluid?
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Greetings Openfomers!

I have question about, "how to set faces for fluid" in my case. I havent found 3D case with such problem yet. Thats why I am posting here.

I will describe problem as simple as I can, but to get what i meant you have to look on mesh/case. Files are attached.

I have divided geometery into blocks(fluid too). Its described in blockMeshDict. Everything seems to be ok, but the results are awful. Only 2 blocks did calculations, first and last. Blocks between didnt calculate. I know why, the wrong initial conditions. I tried many times to set them properly but its still missing in whole part. To get what I mean please silce the geometery for ex. 0.008 by axis Y.

I hope someone can help me. Its the last problem to finish my project.


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